From the forestry and ground maintenance sections of our business we have an array of skill and specialist equipment to help with many aspects of estate, farm and equine land management. Services that may be of interest to land owners include.

Hedge and tree planting

We plant thousands of trees each year, our customers include private land & woodland owners, environmental trusts and local authorities. We source the very best nursery grown stock where required from the local seed bank for the area we are planting to guarantee local provenance of the trees being planted. Our experienced team can offer advice on specie selection and carry out planting works to a high standard, helping ensure high establishment rates. We use a variety of tree protection and support systems to guard against, wind, vole, rabbit or deer damage and to help provide the most suitable environment to get young stock off to a great start.

Pond & Wetland creation and maintenance

Whether you are wanting a garden pond, fishing lake or creating a wetland habitat we can help. We carefully assess each site to work out the most cost effective and environmentally sensitive approach to meet your objectives. We use a wide size range of excavators and load carrying equipment. One of our latest additions to our fleet is a pile driving attachment for installing river and drainage channel retaining systems and sluices. These can either consist of sheet piles or for a softer approach freshly cut willow stems can be driven into the banks. These stems can then be interwoven with willow brash to trap silt deposits, this secures the bank and grows into a living structure.


For most ditches we use a three tonne tracked excavator which makes quick work of digging out the ditch, being much more manoeuvrable than a back hoe loader or tractor & back-actor. The excavator also has a much lighter footprint and creates a lot less damage to the fields. We've developed an extremely efficient system for cleaning out ditches that have become over grown. Following over grown hedges being cut back either by saw head or chainsaw, we can remove all this brash very quickly with our rotating timber grab attachment, this can be loaded straight into trailers or piled up on site ahead of the ditch being dug out. This system gets the overgrown vegetation cleared quickly and efficiently and doesn't leave you with a pile of mud mixed up with hedge cuttings! Our operators have been trained by local wildlife conservationists to recognise signs of water vole activity to minimise any disruption to their habitat.

Hedge Laying

If your hedges need bringing back into management then please contact us to come and take a look at them. We can lay any suitable hedging plants, coppice any over stood stools found in the hedge so the re-growth can be laid and then gap up with suitable species. Whilst the hedging work is done in the winter months we can come an assess your requirements at any time of year.

Fencing (stock, post & rail, cleft, rabbit, deer, post & panels etc.)

We pride ourselves in offering a first class fencing service and can offer fence construction in a wide range of materials. Many people use tractor mounted or dumper mounted post knockers, we find that our system of excavator mounted post knockers is much more versatile. Our post knockers have the capacity to drive in gate posts and strainers with ease and can reach into awkward corners and up and down embankments. The added advantage our system has is that we have always got an excavator on site, so we can clean out a ditch or remove scrub and vegetation either with buckets, timber grab or flail mower attachments. This makes our team very versatile in getting your jobs done quickly and efficiently. We use good quality pressure treated timber and high tensile wire; plain, netting and barbed. We also erect panel and boarded fences. Our latest addition to our fencing services is the traditional cleft post and rail fencing. We supply and erect cleft fencing from split English oak and sweet chestnut with or without pails.

Scrub and brush clearance

We have a variety of solutions to clearing unwanted vegetation, either by root removal, herbicide application, mulching, clearing saws or manual felling. Depending on the method used we can clear brash in a number of ways quickly and efficiently with our machines.

Access tracks and footpath build and maintenance.

You may simply require your tracks or footpaths grading off and resurfacing or new ones installing, whatever your requirements we can help you. We can supply a variety of aggregates to finish your tracks at competitive prices. Leaving them level and compacted to make them easier and safer to use. We can also install boardwalks across environmentally sensitive or wet areas to minimise the impact of pedestrian traffic.

Site clearance, groundwork's and construction

Please contact us to discuss your project, we can prepare your site ahead of a construction project whether it be existing buildings or simply spoil and vegetation. We can also dig and lay your foundations and often get involved in a variety of building projects, commercial, agricultural and domestic.

Excavator hire (2.5t - 13t+)

We can supply a variety of excavator and plant equipment with competent operators, please contact us to discuss your requirements.